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Less is more


Stecor photography

Just like the movie stars in the pictures!

I have photographed many different people. Family members, artists, friends and even directors themselves. Even the most confident people have their insecurities when it comes to being photographed.

And it's easier said than being done when someone tells you to love yourself in front of a camera. Which is why with my empathy and experience you can be photographed knowing the results created will be movie star quality images.

Everyone deserves to have at least one experience in front of the camera which they love. And that's my aim. For you to leave loving you a little bit more and loving your images a lot!


Working together with Stephan is fun and relaxed. He immediately puts you at ease and takes your wishes into account. It's fun to work together towards that one perfect image. The results are dazzling!


Boudoir Photography

Apprehension before a Boudoir shoot is understandable. However, the chance of addiction to this style of photography is great. We all have something we are not satisfied with, but if you are open to suggestions and can allow yourself to trust in me, then i can certainly surprise you with timeless photos you are guaranteed to love!


poseren stecor fotografiePose

In the Golden Age painters often posed their models under a north-facing window. This is to have a light quantity that is as stable as possible and therefore also has shade during painting. Today we work with mobile flash equipment at locations without outlets and control the light the way we want it.

Posing for photographs is a standard for photography and if you are inexperienced in shooting this way the results can leave you feeling you could have got more from your shoot.

My years of experience have taught me how to use light to curl around your body, how to have you hold yourself with out feeling too exposed, using direction for you to feel confident and relaxed all at the same time.

Also for Portraits

Portraits can be too formal and accurately reflect one's appearance from ear to ear. For me, those portraits do not have soul. In my portrait photography I want to evoke an emotion and reaction among the viewers...


malene von steenvagBurlesque

A colourful world full of glitter and glamour. Mostly ladies, but the industry is welcoming more and more men.

At Burlesque its all about dancing, performing, engaging and telling a story in a challenging way.

Sexy or with humour, but preferably a bit exaggerated.

There are small productions but also large ones.
I am privileged to have been trusted to work on many. A selection of my show photos can be found here


Eva Jinek once said "If you've got it, flaunt it" I photograph people. Take as i find. Character and respect is what it is all about!