Boudoir fotoshoot

Obstacle fear for a boudoir photo shoot is understandable

the chance of repetition afterwards is at least as great

Often with Boudoir Photography people find many obstacles and reasons for not doing it. It's understandable in a day and age where digital imagery is everywhere and comparison is all to easy to do. The thought process is often "I will never look like that"

Everyone has something they are not satisfied with. However, between a photographer and their client there has to be trust and understanding. Over the years I have built up a reputation for just that. I can guarantee i will surprise you with timeless photos you will love forever and be proud of.

For me it is important the image is not flat, it must be a kind of Fine Art. It must be visible that time and effort has been taken to arrive at an exciting set of images. With attention to composition, poses, details and an artistic finish. We do not live on a white background or screen. Which is why to bring your photos to life my preference is for locations that add that extra to your photos.

For Jean from Berlin it was the first time she did a Boudoir Shoot. We took time for tea, chatted about what we could do together and discussed both our expectations from the shoot.

These were her messages after receiving all the photos:


Jean Rockmore


How beautifull is that ???      
You are such a great photographer
Awesome! Thank you so much!

Nice and pretty

A photoshoot has the aim to give you something far exceeding what you could do at home. The difference could be a challenging attitude, a powerful look from your eyes or a Betty Paige inspired photo in a Helmut Newton like Hotel environment. In the right setting there are countless possibilities to be transform the ideas within your mind to photos you treasure.

dark boudoir stecor

Dark Boudoir

Dark Boudoir is not 50 Shades. Dark Boudoir is about creating a sensual, challenging photo. It can can be erotic, provocative and tasteful all at the same time. It should be possible to hang the photo in the living room without hiding it in the cupboard when the neighbours come knocking! As in films, the lightning is local, the surroundings visible but not predominant. Highlights are transformed into soft shadows giving a sensual and relaxing image of you as a model. It is professional on "set" If it helps you are more than welcome to bring a friend who will help put you at ease. Everything at a Boudoir Shoot revolves around trust, respect and made to make you feel confident and comfortable.

Vide Boudoir fotoshoot

In the video on the right you can take a look behind the scenes during a photo shoot.

Andy Warhol said, The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when people in it do.