Also for portraits

In my Portraits i want to evoke an emotion among the viewers.

I want to show someones character or personality by using light, shadow or the environment. Raising an eyebrow may give the viewer the feeling that the person in the portrait is looking straight into your eyes! Such a portrait evokes emotion. A portrait for me must have soul, tell its own story or allows the viewer to create their own!

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 portrait-stecor photography

Tableau Vivant

In addition to a portrait, you can also make an interplay of you and the environment. In portrait photography we call that portrait but I prefer to see a different name myself. At Tableau Vivant, Wikipedia refers to a frozen image, or a snapshot, of a situation or event. I like to see situations and I prefer to create them together with you!

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Tableau vivant smiling horse

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people”
Annie Leibovitz