Scarlet Ruby Storm ’s aftershoot reaction

Miss Scarlet Ruby Storm

Miss Scarlet Ruby Storm wrote, Today was very special to me. I travelled to the Netherlands to the studio of Stecor fotografie for a shooting and I had such a great time ! First time doing this with my mom too 😍 I felt so close and connected, she was the best little helper, fixing…

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Yes! Stecor is there, at the Berlin Burlesque Festival 2018

berlin burlesque festival

The Sixth International BERLIN BURLESQUE FESTIVAL has as allways the greatest performers from the international burlesque scene on stage. The atmosphere is awesome at the Wintergarten and the Heimathafen both In Berlin. Organised by the one and only Marlene von Steenvag (Germany’s queen of burlesque and CEO of the Burlesque Empire. Together with Else Edelstahl…

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